The Karl Arthur Severson Foundation's mission is to provide financial assistance to the Roaring Fork Valley teen aged youth to facilitate their pursuit of a future in ski racing, teaching, guiding or patrolling.    Specifically, we will provide assistance to amateur athletes  who have the potential to qualify for the U.S. Ski Team, providing monetary endowments for equipment, travel and coaching .  The talent in the valley already exists and Karl's Foundation will focus immediately on these deserving and needy young athletes in order to make a difference in their lives and the ski industry community.   These passionate individuals will be able attain their goals within the ski world without financial burden.  In addition, Karl's Foundation aims to establish a Ski Education Academy that will train our young  athletes to excel in the rigorous process of  certification,  thus becoming stewards of the mountains.  


B O A RD   M E M B E R S

Mark Severson, President

Maddie Severson, Vice President

Royal Carson, Advisor

George Kellner, Advisor

John Muse, Advisor

William Smithburg, Advisor



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