I am from the mountain

Runs of untouched powder just waiting to be skied
A rutted out icy race course that I will fly down.

I am from the smell of frozen breath
mixed with the cold snow and the harsh wind.

I am from the taste of face shots, champagne powder being scooped up and shoved into my mouth.

From not breaking for lunch and endless granola bars instead.

by Karl Severson


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Our wonderful son, Karl, was born with a smile on his face and appreciation for all of life around him.  He had friends from the oceans to the mountains, freely giving his loyalty and devotion.  He dedicated his life to skiing, as a racer and a guide.  Karl welcomed any opportunity to shadow ski professionals on the hill, guiding and teaching.  He  was invited to go heli-skiing in Canada and at that moment knew his passion and  goal was to become a heli-ski guide.  He would have been the perfect heli-guide, and was on his way.

The foundation was inspired by Karl's dedication to skiing. From his loss, we aim to support the local youth who strive to achieve what Karl was already achieving - a future in the ski industry. We know there is a need for financial assistance for these individuals because our family faced this very challenge when Karl pursued ski racing.