Junior Ski Pro Academy


You have spent your childhood skiing the mountains of Aspen/Snowmass, and you are pretty good!  Now what?  There are certifications you can achieve to authenticate  your skills and knowledge.  Take a clinic to further your education.

Take your talents to the next level.


Congratulations to Robert Courtenay-Morris

for passing his Level 1 PSIA exam!

Mark Severson, Julia Higdon, Robert Courtenay-Morris, Angela Hornbrook, Copper Johnson, Maddy Leibinger, Hailey Higdon SPRING 2018

Mark and Maddie,
I can’t tell you how lovely it was to meet you both today. I didn’t understand the entire story until Graeme told me, briefly, this morning, the reason behind the Karl Arthur Severson Foundation. Your visit tied it all together for the kids. They were so different after your visit. You had a profound effect on all of us and you could see the gratitude in their eyes and the understanding of and respect for the amazing spirit one can find within the snowsports industry.
Bless you guys for what you have been through and how you are paying it forward to these wonderful kids.
I would love to see some pictures of Karl skiing on the website or anywhere.
I feel lucky that I was there when you decided to join the group.
— Angela Hornbrook, PSIA Trainer

Maddie Severson, Alex Ilik, Emma Ellis, Brendan Doran, Eli Fuller, Bear Mathews and Mark Severson SPRING 2017



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